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Last modified: 4 December 2005

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Occurrence - .A disease resembling LY was recorded from Grand Cayman in 1834 (Fawcett, W. (1891) Report on the coconut disease at Montego Bay. Bulletin of the Botanical Department (Jamaica) 23: 2). It has therefore been stated that LY "originated from the Cayman Islands" (Dollet, 1999) but that is not proved. The islands were visited by various LY researchers from Jamaica in the 60s and 70s (Carter ? Grylls? Heinze? Schuiling ?) but no information has been unearthed to confirm the LY status then or now.

Spread - dates and places of subsequent outbreaks (ditto)

Currently active areas - dates and places (seek information/confirmation)

Suspected new outbreaks - specify whether confirmed or unconfirmed (reference)

Other palm/plant hosts

New hosts, new vectors, new strains or suspected loss of resistance - confirmed or unconfirmed

Research projects

Rehabilitation/replanting programmes

Economic importance/threat

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