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Last modified: 4 December 2005

Contacts or sources of information - MAGA

Occurrence - LY symptoms were observed on the Caribbean coastline in April 2001 (and probably earlier).

Spread - The susceptible Atlantic Tall growing on the short Caribbean coastline between Belize and Honduras are (or will become) affected but the more resistant Pacific coast coconuts should remain free if quarantine control is implemented.

Currently active areas - As of April 2001.....

Suspected new outbreaks - specify whether confirmed or unconfirmed (reference) Confirmation by PCR is anticipated.

Other palm/plant hosts

New hosts, new vectors, new strains or suspected loss of resistance - confirmed or unconfirmed

Research projects

Rehabilitation/replanting programmes - a coconut variety found in small numbers on the Caribbean coastline, and known locally as "Habanero" is described as resembling the Pacific coast tall variety so that it may show some resistance.

Economic importance/threat

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