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Contacts or sources of information -

Occurrence - Harries, H.C. (1980) Malayan coconuts in the Caribbean: Caribbean coco-nuts in Malaysia. In: Proc. Int. Conf. Cocoa & Coco-nuts, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1978) pp.508-510.

Harries, H.C. (1990) Malesian origin for a domestic Cocos nucifera. In: P. Baas, K. Kalkamn & R. Geesink (eds) The Plant Diversity of Malesia. pp351-357. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dorcrecht, Netherlands

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TURNER, P.D., JONES, P. & KENTEN, R.H. (1978) Coconut stem necrosis a disease of hybrid and Malayan Dwarf coconuts in North Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia. Perak Planters Journal for 1978.

Spread - dates and places of subsequent outbreaks (ditto)

Currently active areas - dates and places (seek information/confirmation)

Suspected new outbreaks - specify whether confirmed or unconfirmed (reference)

Other palm/plant hosts

New hosts, new vectors, new strains or suspected loss of resistance - confirmed or unconfirmed

Research projects

Rehabilitation/replanting programmes

Economic importance/threat

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