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Virtual Palm Encyclopedia

Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida.



Lethal Yellowing of Palms

Harrison & Howard

Coconut Palms in Belize - Lethal Yellowing


Garden Florida - Coconut Palm

(incomplete and the link now seems to be dead)

International Palm Society

International Palm Society

Palm Tree Doctor

P.O.Box 1237, Pompano Beach, FL 33061-1237

LY of Palms in Florida

University of Florida
has this site moved or been dropped?)

Amarillamiento letal de coco

Roca de Doyle, Zamorano

Amarillamiento letal de coco


History of LY

Eden-Green, NRI

Origin of LY


LY in Belize

San Pedro Sun

Lethal Diseases of Palms

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

Lethal Yellowing Disease Symptoms on Date Palm

Texas Plant Disease Handbook
may be changed)

Lethal Yellowing of Palm Trees in Florida

Henry Donselman

Lethal Yellowing-Like Diseases of Coconut

S.J.Eden-Green and F.Ofori (Workshop Eds)
may be changed)

Pest Risk Analysis

FAO (all pests and diseases, not just LY)
may be changed)

European (& Med) Plant Protection Organization

EPPO (the LY information needs updating)
may be changed)

Diseases of the Coconut Palm

American Phytopathological Association

Lethal Yellowing of Florida's Palms:
Invader from the Caribbean

Fort Lauderdale REC
(but the picture shows healthy palms)

Kerala Root (Wilt) disease

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute

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