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Occurrence - A disease that appeared in a village called Kaincopé 1932 affected one quarter of the total area under coconuts in Togo within 30 years (Dring 1963). The disease spread very slowly until the early 1940s but then became more active and seriously affected Togo's economy by 1962 when 10% of the country's export trade was in copra. At that time it was reported that there were just two adult Malayan Dwarf palms in the entire country and that they were in a diseased area but were not infected (Anon, 1962). In 1960, 600 Malayan Dwarf and 400 Malayan Tall seednuts were imported from Malaysia and 600 (Cameroon Red) Dwarf from Ivory Coast in 1963 (Pieris, 1968). In 1975 samples were collected, from which MLO were identified (Dabek et al, 1976). Although research apparently ceased about 1980 (Agounké, 1997) recent information states that where people have a lot of interest in coconut plantations in Togo, scientists have used one cultivar from Cameroon called "nain rouge" for crosses with local material. The hybrid is resistant to the disease.

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