Nancy Santana-Buzzy

Nancy Santana Buzzy

Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UBBMP)
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  • B.S. Instituto Superior de Ciencias Agropecuarias de La Habana. Cuba. 1980.
  • Ph.D. Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Agrícolas. Cuba. 1993.

Current research

  • Morphogenesis and Gene Regulation
  • Plant Genetics


  • Biochemical and molecular studies on the somatic embryogenesis of Capsicum chinense. Factors involved in the recalcitrance of the genus Capsicum. (CB-CONACYT)
  • Obtaining more tolerant and more productive varieties of habanero chili from the genetic diversity of the species in Yucatan. (FOMIX)
  • Capacity building in development of sustainable hot pepper production in Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. (SRE-AMEXCID)
  • Study of Biochemical, Morphological and Molecular Factors Related to the Development of Somatic Embryos of Capsicum spp. and its Conversion into Plants In Vitro. (CB-CONACYT)
  • Establishment of a Technology That Allows the Efficient Production and Establishment in the Field of Pineapple Propagules (Anana comosus Berk.) of High Quality, Integrating Biotechnological Methods with Traditional Crop Management Methods Used in Production Areas. (PN-CONACYTSRE)


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  • CARLOS F. REGLA-MÁRQUEZ, SUSANA A. AVILÉS-VIÑAS, ADRIANA CANTO-FLICK, LILIANA S. MUÑOZ-RAMÍREZ, LAURA P. PEÑA-YAM, RAÚL E. VALLE-GOUGH, PEDRO M. OSORIO-MONTALVO, JACOBO PÉREZ-PASTRANA and NANCY SANTANA-BUZZY∗. Genes involved in the deformations of the shoot apical meristem in somatic embryos of Capsicum chinense Jacq. Journal of Genetics, 98: 8, (2019).
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  • 2019. Caso de Éxito. CONACYT.
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