Manuel de Jesús Aguilar-Vega

Manuel de Jesús Aguilar Vega

Materials Science
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  • B.S. Chemical Engineering. Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas. 1980.
  • M.S. Chemical Engineering. University of Southern California. 1984.
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering. University of Texas at Austin. 1993.
  • Post-Doctorate. Membranes Group. University of Texas at Austin. 2018.

Current research

  • Materials for Specialized Applications


  • Development of Membranes for Natural Gas Sweetening and Production of High Value Streams. (CONACYT-SENER)
  • Membrane System for Improved Water Desalination Systems NF and RO. (CONACYT)
  • Catalytic Membranes for Biofuels. (CEMIEBIO-CONACYT)
  • Ionic Membranes for Fuel Cell Membranes and Energy Applications. (CONACYT-SENER)


  • Maria Ortencia Gonzalez-Díaz, Enoc Cetina-Mancilla, Rita Sulub-Sulub, Angel Montes-Luna, Lilian I. Olvera b, Mikhail G. Zolotukhin, Jorge Cardenas, Manuel Aguilar-Vega. 80. Novel fluorinated aromatic polymers with ether-bond-free aryl backbones for pure and mixed gas separation. J. Membr. Sci., 606: 118114, (2020).
  • Fidel E. Rodríguez-González, Germán Pérez, Vladimir Niebla, Ignacio Jessop, Rudy Martin-Trasanco, Deysma Coll, Pablo Ortiz, Manuel Aguilar-Vega, Luis H. Tagle, Claudio A. Terraza and Alain Tundidor-Camba. New Poly(imide)s Bearing Alkyl Side-Chains: A Study on the Impact of Size and Shape of Lateral Groups on Thermal, Mechanical, and Gas Transport Properties. Membranes, 10: 141, (2020).
  • Marcial Yam-Cervantes, Manuel Aguilar-Vega, José Luis Santiago-García, Guadalupe del C. Pizarro, Mariel Godoy, Julio Sánchez. Methylene blue removal from aqueous solutions by sulfonated polymeric porous sorbents. Desalination and Water Treatment, 184: 367, (2020).
  • Wilberth A. Herrera-Kao, Manuel J. Aguilar-Vega, and José Manuel Cervantes-Uc. Microwave-assisted synthesis of the lipase-catalyzed ring-opening copolymerization of ε-caprolactone and ω-pentadecanolactone: Thermal and FTIR characterization. e-Polymers, 20: 651, (2020).
  • C. Xix-Rodriguez, P. Varguez-Catzim, A. Alonzo-Garcia, N. Rodriguez, Fuentes, H. Vázquez-Torres, A. González-Díaz, M. Aguilar-Vega, M.O. González Díaz. 84. Amphiphilic Poly(lactic acid) Membranes with Low Fouling and Enhanced Hemodiafiltration. Sep. Purif. Technol. 259: 118124, (2021).


  • Aguilar-Vega Manuel, Santiago-García José Luis, Loría-Bastarrachea Maria I., Alejandra Aimeé Gutiérrez-Mejía, (CICY), Yibran Argenis Perera-Mercado, Luis Alfonso Garcia-Cerda, Griselda Castruita de León, Luis Alberto Villarreal-Cárdenas, María Guadalupe Neira-Velázquez (CIQA) Joel Osvaldo Pacheco-Sotelo, Mariqueidia Joseline Pacheco-Pacheco, Ricardo Valdivia-Barrientos, José Fidel Ramos-Flores, Miguel Angel Durán-García, and Miguel Angel Hidalgo-Pérez (ININ). Method and System for Obtaining Sweet Gas, Synthetic Gas and Sulphur from Natural Gas. 9533260B2. United States. (2017).
  • M.J. Aguilar-Vega, M.O. González-Díaz, M.I. Loria-Bastarrachea, M.G. Aca-Aca, E. Gómez Trejo López. Membrana Catalítica Compuesta para Producción de Biodiesel. MX/a/2019/004068. México. (2019).


  • 2000-2005. Academic grant. Research Professor. Centro de Investigación en Polímeros, S.A. de C.V.
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