María Marcela Gamboa-Angulo

María Marcela Gamboa-Angulo

II (2021 – 2025)
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  • Bachelor´s, Agricultural Biologist Chemist. Autonomous University of Yucatan, 1988.
  • Master´s, Chemical Science (Organic Chemistry). Autonomous University of Yucatan 1993.
  • Doctorate, Chemical Science (Organic Chemistry). National Autonomous University of Mexico, 2000.
  • Research sabbatical stay, Institute of Agricultural Sciences CSIC, Madrid, Spain, 2008-2009.
  • Research sabbatical stay, National Technologists of Mexico, Campus Conkal, Mexico, 2019-2020.

Current research

  • Natural Products Biotechnology: Natural Products from plant and microbial sources with applications in agriculture (Biopesticides) and pharmacy. Antimicrobials, insecticides, and nematicides.


  • Incorporation of biorational products of the regional flora in the integrated management of diseases in protected conditions and backyard horticultural crops. CONACYT-CIESAS. Postdoctoral Stays for Indigenous Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics 2019. 2019-2022
  • Biotechnological applications in pharmacy and agriculture of natural products obtained from the native flora of the Yucatan peninsula promoting their propagation, conservation, and sustainable use. CONACYT-National Problems 2016-2020
  • Additions to the study of tropical microscopic fungi with biotechnological potential in pharmacy and agriculture. Conacyt-Basic SEP 2011-2015


  • Felicia Amalia Moo-Koh, Jairo Cristóbal-Alejo, María Fé Andrés, Jesús Martín, Fernando Reyes, José María Tun-Suárez and Marcela Gamboa-Angulo*. In vitro assessment of organic and residual fractions of nematicidal culture filtrates from thirteen tropical Trichoderma strains and metabolic profiles of most-active. Journal of Fungi, 2022. 8, 82 (1-16 p).
  • Pedro Mendoza-de Gives, Marilem Rodríguez-Labastida, Agustín Olmedo-Juárez, Marcela Gamboa-Angulo*, Manuela Reyes-Estebanez. A nematode crude extract act as an elicitor of the nematocidal activity of nematophagous fungi liquid culture filtrates against Haemonchus contortus (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae). Acta Parasitologica, 2022, 67(2), 678-686.
  • Irma L. Medina-Baizabal, Gabriela Heredia and Marcela Gamboa-Angulo*.. Antimicrobial activity of extracts obtained from the dual interaction between saprophytic micromycetes. Actividad antimicrobiana de extractos obtenidos de la interacción dual entre micromicetos saprobios. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 2022, 25 (2) #72, 1-11.
  • Jesus Aviles-Gomez, Jesús Aviles-Gomez, Jairo Cristóbal-Alejo, María Fé Andrés, Azucena González-Coloma, Germán Carnevali, Daisy Pérez-Brito, Felicia Amalia Moo-Koh, Marcela Gamboa-Angulo*. Nematicidal Screening of Aqueous Extracts from Plants of the Yucatan Peninsula and Ecotoxicity. Plants 2022, 11(16), 28-21, 1-14;
  • Felicia Amalia Moo-Koh, Jairo Cristóbal-Alejo, José María Tun-Suárez, Irma Leticia Medina-Baizabal, Alejandra Anahi Arjona-Cruz, Marcela Gamboa-Angulo*. Activity of aqueous extracts from native plants of the Yucatan Peninsula against Fungal Pathogens of tomato in vitro and from Croton chichenensis against Corynespora cassiicola on tomato . Plants 2022, 11(21), 2821, 1-18;


  • María Marcela Gamboa Angulo, Angel Emmanuel Cruz Estrada, Esau Ruíz Sánchez, Azucena González Coloma, María Fé Andrés Yeves, Irma Leticia Medina Baizabal, Jairo Cristóbal Alejo, Paulino Simá Polanco, Eduardo Balam Uc. Extractos y compuestos de Eugenia winzerlingii, método de obtención y su uso en el control de plagas agrícolas Grant date: 18/02/2021, Registry number: MX/E/2021/007336, Folium number: 13174.


  • 2020, Nacional Researcher level II. National Research System
  • 2016, Nacional Researcher level II. National Research System
  • 2012, Investigador Nacional Nivel I. National Research System
  • 2008, Grant Sabbatical Stay ICA-CCMA del CSIC, Spain. Spanish Agency of International Cooperation
  • 2002, Grant Stay, The University of Iowa Universidad de Iowa, USA. Mexican Academy of Science -USA Foundation-American Chemical Society.


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