Research Office




Within the CICY, the Research Office is responsible for directing and supporting research and technological development. It promotes a research and development model that allows implementation of projects that address the real needs of our society, and that generate results which contribute to meeting those needs. The Office’s work is based on the principle of the common good and the CICY’s commitment, as a public research center, to work for society’s well-being within the purviews of the Center’s research divisions.


  • Organize and support research activities of the CICY research divisions
  • Create and manage a board of directors
  • Identify priorities for research and technological development
  • Discover new areas in which to apply the expertise of the CICY
  • Establish and manage an information system in support of Office activities
  • Foment inter- and intra-institutional multidisciplinary research via the research program system
  • Promote quality in research by supporting student thesis research
  • Establish and manage a monitoring system for project funding calls aimed at maximizing financing opportunities
  • Encourage improvement at all levels and in all support services to create the best possible conditions for academic work
  • Implement a model of research and technological development that promotes constant improvement



Director of Research

Liliana Alzate-Gaviria, PhD.


Candelaria Hernández-Bautista
Technical Assistant, Research Office
Telephone: +52 (999)9428330 ext. 354