Scientific Research Center of Yucatan (CICY)
Scientific Researcher
Materials Unit
Phone: (52) 999 942-83-30 ext 291

Research topics

My main scientific interests are the synthesis and surface modification of nanomaterials; including, their characterization and practical applications. The nanoparticles of interest include nanoclays, carbon nanotubes, graphene oxide, and nanocellulose crystal; in addition, biopolymers are also studied.

The practical application of my research is focused on four main fields: agriculture, medicine, energy, and material science.

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Nanomaterials of interest

Carbon nanotubes

  • Nanofertilizer
  • Cancer treatment

Graphene oxide

  • Electrodes for battery and capacitors
  • Bone cement
  • Auto-healing composites

Nanoclays (laminar and fibrillar)

  • Nanofertilizer
  • Drug release
  • Aerogels
  • Polymer reinforcement
  • Drilling muds

Nanocellulose crystal

  • Biodegradable films
  • Polymer reinforcement
  • Unconventional sources


  • Naturally structured cellulose
  • Electrode binders
  • Activated carbons for energy storage
  • Alginate from Sargasso
  • Drug delivery


B. S.

Industrial chemical Engineering
Autonomous University of Yucatan
Merida Mexico
Thesis “Developing of Conductive Composites Sensitive to Organic Solvent”

M. Eng.

Chemical Engineering, McGill University
Montreal, Qc. Canada
Thesis “Melt intercalation and/or exfoliation of polystyrene-montmorillonite nanocomposites”

Ph. D.

Chemical Engineering, McGill University
Montreal, Qc. Canada
Thesis “Clay modification for the production of polystyrene nanocomposites by melt processing”

Posdoctoral Studies

Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill University
Montreal, Qc. Canada
Laser Welding, Nanocellulose Crystals, Polymer Nanocomposites, Polymer Processing.

Professional Expertise

Research Associate
Department of Chemical Engineering, McGill University
Montreal, Qc. Canada


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