Casandra Reyes-García

Casandra Reyes García

Natural Resources
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  • B.S. Biology. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. 2001.
  • Ph.D. University of Cambridge. 2006.
  • Post-doctoral fellow. Centro de Investigación Científica de Yucatán. 2007.

Current research

  • Global Change In Neotropical Ecosystems.
  • Plant ecophysiological strategies in seasonally dry systems; comparing similarities and divergence of physiological processes in trees and epiphytes that subsist in tropical communities exposed to long periods of drought.
  • Ecosystem environmental services; analysis of the capacity of natural systems to provide ecosystem services, from trees in cities to assessments of forests throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.


  • Monitoring effects of climate change on coastal dune scrub, mangroves and seasonally dry forests using epiphytic bromeliads as indicators.
  • Strategic environmental assessment of Yucatan State and current development projects.


  • osado‐Calderón, A. T., Tamayo‐Chim, M., de la Barrera, E., Ramírez‐Morillo, I. M., Andrade, J. L., Briones, O., y Reyes‐García, C. (2020) High resilience to extreme climatic changes in the CAM epiphyte Tillandsia utriculata L.(Bromeliaceae). Physiologia plantarum. 168: 547-562.
  • Espadas Manrique C., Linares M, Orellana R., Peniche Aké S. y Reyes-García C. (2020) Evaluation of the extinction risk of Beaucarnea pliabilis (Asparagaceae) (despeinada or tsiipil), an endemic species of the Yucatan Peninsula. Revista Mexicana de Biodiversidad. 91, 913428.
  • Chávez-Sahagún, E., Andrade, J. L., Zotz, G., y Reyes-García, C. (2019). Dew Can Prolong Photosynthesis and Water Status During Drought in Some Epiphytic Bromeliads From a Seasonally Dry Tropical Forest. Tropical Conservation Science, 12, 1940082919870054.
  • Reyes-García C, Espadas-Manrique C, García Quintanilla A, Tamayo Chim M (2019) The Maya Train: Why are biologists so concerned? Desde el herbario CICY. 11:119-125.
  • Chilpa-Galván, N., Márquez-Guzmán, J., Zotz, G., Echevarría-Machado, I., Andrade, J. L., Espadas-Manrique, C., & Reyes-García, C. (2018) Seed traits favouring dispersal and establishment of six epiphytic Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) species. Seed Science Research, 1-11.


  • 2011. Level I. Sistema Nacional de Investigadores. CONACyT
  • 2020. Member. Academia Mexicana de Ciencias.
  • 2020. Level II. Sistema Nacional de Investigadores. CONACyT
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Last Updated: 25 August 2021