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María Azucena Canto-Aguilar

María Azucena Canto Aguilar

Natural Resources
(52) 999 942 83 30, EXT.: 371
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  • B.S. Biology. Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. 1997.
  • Ph.D. Ecology and Natural Resources Management. Instituto de Ecología, Xalapa, Mexico. 2004.
  • Post-doctoral fellow. Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Animal Interactions. Estación Biológica de Doñana, Sevilla, Spain, 2005.

Current research

  • Environmental Services of Biodiversity


  • Nutrition and health of honeybees and stingless bees in Yucatan.
  • Ecology and evolution of the plant-microorganism-flower visitor interactions.
  • Microorganisms associated with Apis mellifera and stingless bees.
  • Plant resources for native bees and Apis mellifera.


  • Guillén-Hernández, S., Canto, A., Villegas-Hernández, H., González-Salas, C., Poot-López, G., Espínola-Novelo, J.F., Pérez-España, H. 2023. Spatial variation in helminth parasite communities of the French Grunt, Haemulon flavolineatum (Teleostei: Haemulidae), from the Yucatan península. Journal of Parasitology 109 (2): 76-86.
  • Pérez-Morfi, A., Canto, A., Feldman, R. E., Medina-Medina, L. A., Estrella-Maldonado, H., Rodríguez, R., Andrade, J. L. 2023. Effect of bee bread on Africanized honey bees infected with spores of Nosema spp. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 00:1–12.
  • Jacinto-Castillo, F. D., Canto, A., Medina-Medina, L. A., O´Connor-Sánchez, A. 2022. Living in honey: bacterial and fungal communities in honey of sympatric populations of Apis mellifera and the stingless bee Melipona beecheii in Yucatan, Mexico. Archives of Microbiology 204: 718.
  • Palma-Cancino, D.Y., Feldman, R. E., De León, L. F., Canto, A. 2022. Relación especie-hábitat del Tordo Sargento (Agelaius phoeniceus) en la península de Yucatán. Ecosistemas y Recursos Agropecuarios 9(3): e3413.
  • Canché-Collí, C., Estrella-Maldonado, H., Medina-Medina, L. A., Moo-Valle, H., Calvo-Irabien, L. M., Chan-Vivas, E., Rodríguez, R., Canto, A. 2021. Effect of yeast and essential oil-enriched diets on critical determinants of health and immune function in Africanized Apis mellifera. PeerJ 9:e12164


    Thesis topics:
  • DNA sequencing of microorganisms from nectar, pollen, and honey.
  • Health and nutrition of Apis mellifera, Melipona beecheii<*em>, and other native bees.
  • Plant resources available for bees.
Source: María Azucena Canto-Aguilar
Last Updated: march 4, 2024