Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salín

UBT / Investigador

Carlos Mariano Oropeza Salín

Nombramiento Actual: Investigador Titular C
Unidad Académica: Biotecnología
SNI: Nivel II
Teléfono: (52) 999 942 83 30 Extensión:
Correo electrónico: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • 1975 QFB, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • 1979 Maestría en Bioquímica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • 1982 Doctorado en Bioquímica Vegetal, University of Wales
  • 1992 Postdoctorado Cultivo in vitro, University of London

Linea Actual de Investigación

  • Relaciones planta/patógeno/vector/medio ambiente del amarillamiento letal.
  • Cultivo in vitro de cocotero.

Publicaciones Recientes

  • Islas-Flores I., J. Santamaria-Fernandez, I. Cordova-Lara and C. Oropeza-Salin, BIOCHEMICAL CHANCES IN ROOTS OF COCONUT PALMS (COCOS NUCIFERA L.) AFFECTED BY LETHAL YELLOWING, Journal of Plant Physiology, 155: 48-53, (1999).
  • Cordova-Lara I., C. Oropeza-Salin, H. Almeyda and N. A. Harrison, FIRST REPORT OF A PHYTOPLASMA-ASSOCIATED LEAF YELLOWING SYNDROME OF PALMA JIPI PLANTS IN SOUTHERN MEXICO, Plant Disease, 84: 807, (2000).
  • Islas-Flores I., J. L. Chan-Rodriguez, C. Oropeza-Salin and S. M. T. Hernandez-Sotomayor, OCCURRENCE OF PHOSPHORYLATED PROTEINS AND KINASE ACTIVITY IN COCONUT TISSUES CULTURED IN VITRO IN A MEDIUM THAT INDUCES SOMATIC EMBRYOGENESIS, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 38: 825-836, (2000).
  • Martinez-Aguirre S., I. Cordova-Lara, B. E. Maust, C. Oropeza-Salin and J. Santamaria-Fernandez, IS ABSCISIC ACID RESPONSIBLE FOR ABNORMAL STOMATAL CLOSURE IN COCONUT PALMS SHOWING LETHAL YELLOWING?, Journal of Plant Physiology, 156: 319-322, (2000).
  • Talavera-May C., F. Espadas-Y Gil, M. Aguilar-Espinosa, B. E. Maust, C. Oropeza-Salin and J. Santamaria-Fernandez, }THE CONTROL OF LEAF WATER LOSS BY COCONUT PLANTS CULTURED IN VITRO DEPENDS ON THE TYPE OF MEMBRANE USED FOR VENTILATION, Journal of Horticultural Science Biotechnology, 76: 569-574, (2001).

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Fecha de última actualización: Mayo 30, 2011.

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